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About Us
California For Sale By Owner Homes and Properties

California For Sale By Owner is part of a network of free FSBO sites that has been helping people buy and sell homes, land and commercial properties with no commissions since 1999. We don't believe that advertising your home or property for sale should be difficult or expensive.

We've been listing properties since 1999 and are growing fast to bring you all the listings in one easy to find and easy to use place. No more searching through endless search engines for dozens of sites with few listings. We don't force you to wait for long downloads of glitzy graphics and maps, or go through endless screens to get to the information you want. We now have tens of thousands of FSBO homes for you to search from and millions of hits monthly from prospective buyers for your home.

Our free photo listings are shown on the leading FSBO sites on the net, with no additional effort or cost on your part. Our properties are featured on our sister sites www.allthelistings.com, and www.ownerslist.com, www.HomeSaleTips.com, www.FSBOi.net, the For Sale By Owner Internet Network site, www.USHouseFinders.com,the FSBO Search Engine, www.CarletonSheets.com, the popular property investing guru and Yahoo.com, the worlds's most popular website! Search right from our front screen, sort in the order you want and get important contact information and basic details as quickly as your second click. Give us a try!

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